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UI for selenium grid

Its been more than an year since I started using selenium grid. My client requirements made me look into the source code of selenium grid – to understand how this works. Selenium grid is like an infrastructure in testing. You need it to be up and running all the time. This by itself has become another task for me and my team. The main problem with grid is its stability over time. All my tests run in Ubuntu machines. After running for around 15 to 20 hours the RC’s would become unresponsive. It would start giving null pointer exceptions saying RC’s are not available. Current solution is restarting all the RC s and Hubs.

The testing which I am working for very dynamic in nature. It would suddenly require more number of Remote controls to run the test. Same way, we would want to remove/add/restart RC. I was thinking it would be a good thing to have an application in place which would do this. How about having a web app which can be deployed to add and remove RC. Basically an UI for selenium grid.

My requirements are these

1. Able to provide IP address and portnumber of the RC and Hub

2. Remove the RC from the grid

3. Add RCs to the grid

4. Restart an RC.

Am planning to use RMI to implement this. In a different way though. Am halfway into it, but it got stalled due to my laziness :-(. I will be reworking on this from this week. Lets see how far this goes..


Update :- Seems like I wont need this. Thanks to Grid 2.0, we can do all this by extending selenium classes.

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